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A Collection of Antique Books

The books range in age from 140 years to 59 years old, and their conditions run from somewhat worn, to good.  I am selling the books as a group.

The asking price for the group is $500.00
- The asking price does not include shipping or handling to purchaser.  Purchaser assumes complete responsibility for all shipping, handling and other costs involved in obtaining the item(s).
- In the event of multiple inquiries, the item will be offered to the purchaser with the highest offer.
- The seller reserves the right to decline to accept any offer from any inquirer or their representative.

  • "Abbott's Stories"; Abbott, Jacob; Illustrated Franklin Edition; Worthington Co. 1860 - 1920 (?); First Edition

  • "Seven came Through"; Rickenbacher, Capt. Edward V.; Doubleday, Doran & Co. 1943; First Edition (Partial dust jacket)

  • "The Path To Home"; Guest, Edgar A.; Reily & Lee Co. 1919; First Edition

  • "The Intermediate Manual"; Anderson, R. P.; United Society of Christian Endeavor; 1913; First Edition

  • "Words"; SoRelle & Kitt; Gregg Publishing Co. 1903; First Edition

  • "A Book of Personal Poems"; Bowlin, William R; Whitman & Co. 1945; First Edition

  • "A Pictorial History of The United States"; Edited and Arranged from "The Story of America in Pictures"; Collins, Alan C.; Published for GRIT; Doubleday, Doran & Co. 1941; Fourth Edition

    'She's not dead, she's not dead, she's just restin' in the busom of Jesus.'

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    'She's not dead, she's not dead, she's just restin' in the busom of Jesus.'

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    Karen loved rainbows!

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