"The 'Animals'"

By: Michael J. Jackson

Karen loved to read.

In the spirit of Rex Harrison's portrayal of "Doctor Dolittle", and reflecting my love for Roald Dahl's children's stories, I present my ode to misdirected childhood.

Karen loved to read.

The "Animals"
Copyright © 1998 2000 Mike Jackson
All Rights Reserved

The animals 'round here
Just quiver in fear,
When 'tis heard floating soft on the wind,
"Oh!  Look at the frog,
The bird and the dog!"
(What happens to them is a sin!)

They're coddled and poked,
Sometimes beaten and choked,
Small green lizards lose tails to a pull;
Why do children en mass
Act like piranha I ask?
The answer's their parents are fools!

How much time does it take
To teach Jill and Jake,
That these creatures are not living toys?
Ah ha! I've a thought
How this could be taught,
Transform all the girls and the boys!

Into animals, pets,
Life outside (and the vets!),
Chased by children, or losing a tail.
After life such as this,
Each young sir and young miss,
Might say as they change back to "real"...


"Gee, I just didn't know
That my actions were so
Cruel, thoughtless, unkind at the least,
And from now on I'll be
Just as kind as can be,
To all of God's creatures and beasts.

(I waxed poetic, please pardon the fun. - Mike)

The last line of the third stanza, and the original fourth stanza use to read as follows, but I decided to change them to the lines contained in the poem above:

Just collar the girls and the boys!

Make them stay on a leash
For at least 40 weeks,
Fed infrequently, kept out in the yard.
If treated like this,
Each young sir and young miss,
We hope will start thinking hard.

Karen wanted to help other folks with MELAS.

Copyright © 1998 2000 Michael Jackson
All Rights Reserved

Karen had the greatest smile.

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