"I'm Going Bananas..."

By: Michael J. Jackson

Karen loved to read.

My ship came in,
And I'd thought to win
Some grand and glorious manna.
But going aboard,
I cried out "Oh Lord!"
The hull was full of bananas.

So I sat on a bunch
And tried for a hunch,
A thought that would free me from dread.
Then just in an hour,
I cried out "Bring Flour!"
And sold it as 'nana bread.

I sold quite a bit
As the bread was a hit,
And now have a mansion and wife.
And the moral for me
Is as clear as can be,
I'm going bananas, the rest of my life!

Karen wanted to help other folks with MELAS.

Copyright © 2000 Michael Jackson
All Rights Reserved

Karen had the greatest smile.

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