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The MELAS Online Network (MON) operated for the greater part of its ten year existence as a personal project of Mike Jackson.  From July 1989, to December 1996, we did not actively solicit contributions.  In January of 1998, it was decided that it was necessary to solicit contributions in order to expand the services of the M.O.N., and to provide better support and information to the families, individuals, and medical professionals that we sought to help.  However, during 1998 it became apparent from the few donations that came in that this was not going to work out.  (Total donations totaled far less than what it cost to fund the MON.)  Henceforth, while NON-tax deductible contributions of money or materials were welcome, I decided to personally provide what funding that I could in order to meet the needs of the MON.

We did not and would not actively solicit contributions from the folks that we provided support and information to.  We did, however, welcome contributions of money or materials from individuals, families, fund-raising groups, corporations and foundations when they were offered.

Financial contributions, though unsolicited from the folks that we provided support and information to, were certainly welcome to help offset the cost of running the MELAS Online Network.  Checks or money orders should have been made out to the MELAS Online Network, Mike Jackson or Kathy McElhinny (Dr. McElhinny retired from her post as co-director just prior to my shutting the MON down.)  A receipt could be provided for your records upon request, but you would receive NO deductions for tax purposes.  We waited on the Lord for what we needed.  If He encouraged you to help us, I hope that you did as you felt He wanted you to do, and Thank You!

An Honor Roll showing "Gifts That Were Given in Honor of Loved Ones" is available by CLICKING HERE.

A Memorial showing "Gifts That Were Given in Memory of Loved Ones" is available by CLICKING HERE.

If you were interested in donating hardware, software, services or financial aid, you were free to inquire about doing so.  You were welcome to dedicate your contribution in honor or in memory of a loved one.  All donations should have been shown as going to the MELAS Online Network, Mike Jackson or Kathy McElhinny (please see note above.)  Please remember, you would receive NO deductions for tax purposes.

I donated all the time and work I gave to the MELAS Online Network.  Being able to do something that helped others to deal with mito disorders was a joy, an act of service to my God, and a reflection of my love for you and your family members who are affected by mitochondrial disorders.

However, I am very sorry that the MON is no longer available for your mitochondrial disorder-related needs.  I simply could not continue to operate it with the opposition that I was receiving from a few folk in the mitochondrial community who actively and viciously attacked the MON, my friends, myself, and even my son.  When the stress from this began to affect my personal health, and my son was hurt by the thoughtless actions of these few discontents, I was forced to bring things to a close.  I am truly sorry.

God grant us all peace from those who would hurt the innocent rather than help them.

- Michael Jackson
(Updated 12-13-99)

Karen loved rainbows!

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Karen loved rainbows!

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Karen loved rainbows!

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