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MELAS Primer 1999, Volume 4.2
This PDF format publication contains an explanation of the MELAS Syndrome in layman's terminology.  It also includes a technical paper on glucolysis and the workings of the mitochondria.

NOTE: Multiple language versions will be made available as they are published.
Publication of the MELAS Primer in languages other than English will be slow in coming.  It is difficult to find translation teams with the requisite qualifications.  The teams need to consist of medical professionals who are well-versed in the language, intimately involved in the treatment of mitochondrial disorders, and extremely knowledgeable in the area of medical terminology.  They also need to be gracious enough to do the work with no other compensation than an acknowledgment in the Primer itself.
MELAS Syndrome Patient History, Volume 2.0
This PDF format publication contains an abbreviated version of my wife's medical history as an individual with the full form of the MELAS Syndrome, a mitochondrial disorder.
Former "MON Index Listing of Search Results" Archives

The search results that were formerly available at the MELAS Online Network are now available as downloads.  They are in zipped archives that include the three graphics files that are needed to properly view the HTML document format.  You will need an unzipping utility application and an Internet Browser in order to view the files.  After you unzip the files, simply click on the file name in order to view the file in your Internet browser.  If you are online at the time, you will be able to click on the links in the file and visit the related webpage.  (The file name contains the date of the search's creation.  "9801" would indicate January, 1998.)

Please do not let your children browse these search results without supervision.  Some of the content is graphic in nature.  Also, in spite of one's best efforts, some really weird stuff comes through on searches.  I deleted every one that I could find, but I may have missed a couple.  There may also be links on some of the included websites that are inappropriate for children.  (NOTE: As I received feedback from users, the text of some links was highlighted in green to indicate a good resource, or in red as a caution that the link might contain information, or links to information, that was of a controversial nature.)

This information is provided for research purposes only.  I represent that the information contained in these search results was formulated with a reasonable standard of care.  Except for this representation, I make no warranties, as to fitness for particular purposes, and will not be held liable for consequential or incidental damages, or other claims or demands arising out of it's use.  USERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF THIRD PARTY USE.  Further, I reserve the right to revise both content and presentation of these search results without notification to the user(s).  (In other words, please don't use this stuff for self-treatment.  If you do, YOU are responsible for the consequences.)

Please read the Jackson Family's Website Terms of Use for further information.

The following topics were all part of the former "MON Index Listing of Search Results":
Mitochondrial Myopathies (including Leigh's Disease)
Search results from search done on Mitochondrial Myopathies (including Leigh's Disease.)  This webpage was edited from over 8400 links down to 450 to make it easier to use and quicker to load (it may still take several minutes to load in your Internet browser.)  Please refer to the "How To Do A Web Search" webpage to learn how to do more extensive searching on your own.
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Search results from search done on Retinitis Pigmentosa.
Conn's Syndrome
Search results from search done on Conn's Syndrome.
Search results from search done on Hemochromatosis.
Myoclonic & Focal Seizures
Search results from search done on Myoclonic & Focal Seizures
Search results from search done on Dispraxia
Pineal (Brain) Gland Cyst & Minimal Unmyelinated White Matter
Search results from search done on Pineal (Brain) Gland Cyst & Minimal Unmyelinated White Matter
Landau Kleffner Syndrome
Search results from search done on Landau Kleffner Syndrome
Lysosome Disease
Search results from search done on Lysosome Disease
Peroxisomal Disease
Search results from search done on Peroxisomal Disease
Cortical Visual Impairment
Search results from search done on Cortical Visual Impairment
5p- Syndrome
Search results from search done on 5p- Syndrome
Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Search results from search done on Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Microsoft WEP Game "Chip's Challenge" Secrets File
I know that at least some of you have tried the Microsoft WEP (Window's Entertainment Pack) game "Chip's Challenge", and probably faced the same frustration as my son and me when on certain levels, or even getting into certain levels.  This file, contains the secret to really enjoying "Chip's Challenge", all 149 levels, without the hassle of dealing with passwords.  Have fun!
(Any simple or advanced word processor will open the "CHIPDATA.TXT" file.)
Some of the things discussed on this page, and in this downloadable publication, are the copyrighted property of the Microsoft Corporation.  I make no challenge to their property rights to or ownership of these things, and am thankful for the opportunity to be able to share this help with you.
Buyer's Guide To: Vinyl Mobile Home Skirting
This PDF format publication contains information that you need to know before having your mobile home skirted with solid vinyl skirting.  The author was a licensed professional skirting installer for three years and had a close working relationship with, and the endorsement of, Everlock Systems Inc.  He personally developed or adapted fifteen tools specifically for use in installing vinyl skirting, as well as developed unique methods of skirting around the hitch assembly and wind-proofing skirting panels on homes up to 72" (6' feet) above the ground.

This Buyer's Guide was created and published, because of the author's concern that mobile home buyers and owners need honest advice from someone intimately familiar with the industry, to guide them through the purchasing and installation of their home's vinyl skirting.

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